The project “Solution and Services Engineering for Measuring, Monitoring, and Management of Organizations’ Environmental Performance Indicators” (OEPI) is an international research project supported by the European Commission. Eight partners with either industry or science background from different countries and with varying competences are engaged in this project.

The main goal is the development of a set of standardized Environmental Performance Indicators (EPI) and a software solution for collection, management and reporting based on EPIs. End users as managers, project leaders and employees from the corporate communication and corporate social responsibility resort of a company shall be able to use the platform for a more environmental-friendly decision making and communication. They can access the platform through different consumption channels, such as mobile end devices, internet, ERP access or web services. The solution is aimed to support enterprises and organizations on their way to an integrated and company-wide environment-oriented management and to allow for a completely new way of internal and external communication about environmental activities and impact of companies.

Please refer to the project website for detailed material (http://www.oepi-project.eu )

On this blog we will provide you with current updates, news and material about organizational economical performance indicators. The Bloggers are project members  and will share their insights on this topic regularly.