The OEPI project participated in the 7th International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing EcoDesign2011. This conference was hosted in Kioto Japan and is arranged at every second year. Topics of the conference were aligned to design for value innovation towards sustainable society e.g Global issues in EcoDesign, Social Perspectives in EcoDesign and Economics of EcoDesign. Our team member Ms. Hanna Uusitalo from KONE Corporation spoke as a plenary speaker about “KONE’s Corporate Environmental Activities and Solutions that Contribute to Creating a Positive Impact on the environment”. The other speaker from our team was Mr. Asko Koskimäki from VTT and his presentation was in technical session Sustainable Assessment and LCA and he spoke about “Ecolabelling and Design for Environment in Building Transportation System”.

Listening to the plenary speakers the key message was clear. Companies are focusing to follow through the reforms on improving energy efficiency and material efficiency and CO2 reduction generated by their operations. The ecodesign principles are extended to the design of manufacturing sites and include the complete supply chain.

Looking on the more detailed technical presentations, it was rewarding to see that lots of research work is already started globally in order to promote the enabling to continuously reduce the environmental impact of daily operations across industries and supply chains. Topics like: Sustainable Energy System, Sustainability Assessment and LCA, Green Business Design and Eco-labelling were introduced.

In the same week OEPI also participated in the International Symposium “Environmental Accounting and LCA for greening the Supply Chain in Asia” in Osaka. Our team member Ms. Hannele Tonteri spoke as invited speaker about “LCA as a tool for Design for Environment”. In this symposium, very interesting issue for OEPI rose; the development of Chinese Life Cycle database (CLCD). You can read more about this database from e.g. This database is in Chinese language, but the work is going on and hopefully in future it will be translated in English. It was discussed at the symposium that CLCD database in China and ELCD database in Europa need to work close in co-operation.

Tonteri Hannele

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