Related eu projects to OEPI

Different efforts are now emerging towards the creation of infrastructures and platforms for Environmental Information Systems and Services – including Infrastructures for flexible discovery and chaining of distributed environmental services.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have an essential role to play in the context of Environmental systems as they provide the necessary support in terms of tools, systems and protocols to establish a dynamic environmental space of collaboration in a more and more sophisticated digital world.
envision project
Sany Project
Gigas Project
Netmar Project
Orchestra Project
Pescado Project
Tatoo Project
Ucert Web Project

It is interesting how many interesting projects related to OEPI have shown up on the landscape as of today.  I hope you enjoy the overview:

  • ENVISION (website)
    ENVIronmental Services Infrastructure with Ontologies
  • NETMAR (website)
    Open service network for marine environmental data
  • OEPI (website)
    Exploring and Monitoring Any Organisation’s Environmental Performance Indicators
  • PESCADO (website)
    Personalized Environmental Service Configuration and Delivery Orchestration
  • SUDPLAN (website)
    Sustainable Urban Development Planner for Climate Change Adaptation
  • TATOO (website)
    Tagging Tool based on a Semantic Discovery Framework
  • UncertWeb (website)
    The Uncertainty Enabled Model Web
  • UrbanFlood (website)
    Building an Early Warning System Framework for European Cities
  • GENESIS (website)
    GENeric European Sustainable Information Space for environment
  • ICT-ENSURE (website)
    ICT for Environmental Sustainability Research
  • GIGAS (website)
    GEOSS INSPIRE and GMES an Action in Support
  • Sany (website)Sensors Anywhere
  • Orchestra (website)
    Open Architecture and Spacial Data

If you know of more projects we have forgotten drop us a comment.